Replacing Steel Rebar _

AVMT (Advanced Vacuum Materials Technology) appoints
H&H Pro Limited as an Export Sales and a Distributor, which
is for expanding the marketing territory for new concept of
product including production facilities.
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New concept of product called 'CPT-BAR' that can replace the common steel rebar with its history of 100 years. Utilizing the most advanced technology, improved corrosion resistance compared to existing rebar, and improved tensile strength, light weight, eco-friendly as well as economic feasibility. 
CPT Bar is made of composite materials (fiberglass) that are resistant to rust, corrosion, and salinity. A substitute product for reinforced concrete with strong physical properties compared to rebar.
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Traditional pultrusion system requires a mold leading to high production cost and get practically weak strength as surface bounding is impossible. Vice versa the braiding system could increase strength by twisting yarns, but occurs high production cost due
to the slow Lead Time.
AVMT's innovative manufacturing technology turns this impossibility into a possibility.
The weaving method of manufacturing differs from the conventional general process allowing not only mass production, but also cost reduction through increased system performance.
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CPT-BAR can be used in various industries for replacing traditional steel rebar such as
building floor construction, bridge & road construction, wind power parts, breakwater, rail support harbor and wharf work, offshore plant and PV plant.
In addition, CPT-BAR creates new market such as solar panel support, vehicle exterior materials, grating and replacing heavy metal parts.
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