H&H Pro, London, UK

About Us

Found in 2018, H&H Pro Limited is a project specialist group, based in Middlesex in the UK. We focus on providing the "differentiated" solutions to rebuild our partners' competitiveness and to propel the business forward by embedding sustainability in the process. By integrating in-depth research and consulting experience, we are confident in delivering the best solution for any specialised international suppliers, tailored to your specific business needs. 

Our mission is to implement sustainable and efficiency-oriented solutions to deliver economic and environmental benefits.


H&H Pro Limited serves clients of all sizes mainly in Europe and the Republic of Korea. We help to introduce the cutting-edge, innovative and sustainable industrial solutions from European business, to the right market players in Korea. With the breadth and depth of our expertise and network, we take an enterprise-centric approach to build capabilities and expand your markets and ultimately create a win-win relationship with suitable partners in Korea. 

Company Profile

Company No 10959279


Registered Office
Unit 2 Beverley Court, 26 Elmtree Road,
Teddington, Middlesex

United Kingdom

 TW11 8ST


Business  Address
H&H Pro, 79 College Road

Harrow, Middlesex

United Kingdom


Sister Company

K&H CO., Ltd

South Korea

Our growing business portfolio covers diverse practices, industries and solutions:

  • Medical Waste Treatment Solution;

  • Organic Waste to Fertilizer system;

  • Engine Carbon Cleaning system;

  • Radon gas mitigation and protection solution;

  • Algae Control Solution by ultrasound;

  • … and the environment-friendly industrial solution.


Furthermore, H&H Pro seamlessly deliver solutions, as the project specialist to the New Energy industry with PEMFC fuel cell, LNG/H2 Reformer, Biogas Upgrading, Hydrogen Refuelling Station (HRS) and the electrolyzer consulting. 

We explore and assess the compelling market opportunities for your "differentiated" solution.


We help you optimise market penetration and drive a substantial growth potential by positioning your business at a competitive position in the market. Your “differentiated” solutions are always welcomed at H&H Pro Limited.